Well the track was quite dissappointing until about 2/3 of the way up when we hit some excellent boulders / holes:

Just around the corner above that, driver error let the rear wheel of the 40 Series slip into a rut and a bit of an angle:

40 Series Nearly Rolled

We continued on and found another bouldery and holed section of the track.

Ellis Track

I managed to pickup a wooden passenger just out of bad luck:

Chainsawing the Sidestep

At the very top of the track, there was a big rut, with a bend and a boulder on the inside of the turn. I quickly found out that the length of my wheelbase was too long to make this turn, and my side step became intimate with said boulder:

Broken Sidestep

Getting up and out of the rut took a bit of right boot (Low 2nd, ~3000rpm) after we'd dug out the bank a bit so I could turn without hitting the boulder:

All in all, an excellent track if you're looking for a bit of a challenge. The track is only a few km long, with about maybe 1km of actual challenging conditions -- We spent about a good 2.5 hours on it.

40 Series on Ellis Track 80 Series on Ellis Track