It didn't take long for an Ellis Track virgin to succumb... a Nissan no less! Rolled Nissan


Using the winch on Cam's SWB 40 Series Cruiser, we quickly got the Nissan back on it's wheels. Recovering the Nissan Recovering the Nissan You can see we just managed to get to an area that had a small fire during the recent Victorian Bushfires. I was listening to the CFA radio at the time this fire happened, and it was controlled very quickly with the use of aircraft.


Just as we finished recovering the Nissan, it started raining. Within 15 minutes we had rivers flowing down the ruts and just generally turned everything to shite. Rain!

We decided to start heading home as the rain was extremely heavy and from past experiences on the track, we knew we wouldn't get much further in the wet anyway.


We were only approximately 300 meters up the 4WD part of the track (as opposed to dirt road section), yet it took us around 4 hours to turn 5 cars around and lower ourselves down using both the electric winch and Tirfirs. Mud!

There was certainly a lot more sliding than driving happening, even on rocks. This is what sill protectors and rear bars are for!