Friday, August 7 2009

Black Saturday - Videos

Well I was going through my phone and found some video I took on the night of Black Saturday, and a couple of days after after Black Saturday...

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Friday, February 20 2009

The Story of 1 Fire Fighter

This is my account of Black Saturday. All times are my best estimate of when they happened, except where I have been able to verify them against pager messages, log entries, photo timestamps or some other method.

The events of this day still play through my mind constantly, just like it does to hundreds, if not thousands of other fire fighters and emergency services workers, as well as members of the public caught up in them. I ended up being the Crew Leader on a tanker that day, and the decisions I had to make on that day were some of the toughest I've had to make, but I made them to the best of my ability and believe they were the correct decisions at the time.

UPDATED: I've found some photos and added them to the story.

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