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Monday, November 2 2009

Adding Swatch Internet Time to Gnome

How to add an applet to your Gnome panel displaying Swatch Internet Time

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Friday, January 9 2009

Custom Partitioning on ArchLinux with Linode

Partitioning schemes are a hot topic and everyone has their own preference. Including me. I'm not going to tell you how you should partition your Linux setup, but I will tell you how to do it in ArchLinux on a Linode. I used LVM and will be using LVM in this post.

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Thursday, January 8 2009

OpenVPN MTU Size

I came across a problem recently while attempting to transfer a largish (23mb) file from my web server to my file server via my OpenVPN tunnel.

The tunnel has been working perfectly since it was first established. SSH and small file copies went fine. But this copy would get to 2,112kb and then stall. No matter how many times I attempted it. I attempted the same transfer using the public interwebs (I was scp'ing so it was encrypted anyway) and this worked perfectly, so there was obviously a problem with the OpenVPN tunnel.

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